Friday, May 16, 2008

afghanistan attacked

i’m sitting here at my desk in my bedroom and i’m listening to the BBC reporting on “a 2nd night of attacks on Afghanistan.” in and around both Kabul and Kandahar. US led and with Great Britain's cooperation. no civilian casualties reported from Western point of view, a couple dozen according to Afghanistan. this is an attack on Bin Laden’s people and camps. also an attack on the Taliban now and will end with the installation of a “more moderate, representative government” there.

this is disconcerting b/c it has the potential to morph just as easily into a “War on Islamic Fundamentalism” everywhere. the US is already declaring that they may have to extend this war on terrorism past Afghanistan. a war, they say, that may take years. i’m tired though... i wont’ go there. just wanted to document the fact that the attacks began last night, 10/7/2001. according to our CD we are now in “bicycle” of our EAP [Emergency Action Plan]. standfast that is. we have a meeting with the CD in Bamenda about all this on Friday.

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