Saturday, May 31, 2008

dragonfly dreams


i dreamt of dragonflies not too long ago. at least i think i did. not sure if it was my dream or someone else’s that i’m confusing with my own... or if it was even a dream.

anyhow... they’re here. the dragonflies. a lot of them. a strange sight b/c i’ve never seen that many of them. they’re not swarming or anything, but still... who’s seen more than a couple of them at a time? at least i can’t remember. it’s great though. having them as harbingers of the dry season. it’s here, too... though not in full.

it’s been almost 2 days without rain. the road is already pretty dusty and the grass on the hills is looking a shade or 2 less green, as well. the weather has been pleasant. that may change. thus far i’m digging this transition between seasons. kinda exciting. i guess b/c it’s new.

speaking of new. just finished my 1st Mambo Bar here in Wum. kids went nuts! like they’d never seen one. they’re wild sometimes. as for the chocolate... i forgot how rich it was.

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  1. IMAGE: the neighborhood children... with a typical dusty dry season backdrop. in order from left to right, the kids are: patrick henry, doukas, hamza, lucein and petel. don't ask about the faces on the boys! who knows?