Thursday, May 8, 2008

driving into a pole, explained...

found out that it actually wasn’t a stolen car the night before last. some high-ranking civil servant (forgot who exactly... the chief of gendarmes?) just wrecked his car... drinking, perhaps. speeding like that at that hour and in those conditions. it’s been raining so much recently. but it’s October and soon that’ll stop.

this morning i did a mini-round of protocol. the Commissioner of Police and the 2nd Assistant DO requested i visit them. the Commissioner is a muslim man from Foumban... where the Sultan’s Palace is in the West. he’s a prince/chief there. big man... literally and figuratively. the 2nd Assistant DO is also Francophone, from Bambotous actually.

seems he wants me to help him with his English. it isn’t that great for a man in his position, i suppose. everyone wants my help in language! i need help in language... trying to speak French to both men was rough. my French is horrible. don’t know when or how to get started on working on it???

taught a lesson on insects today. went well... actually prepared ahead of time. group work. live specimens. teaching and learning aids. lecture... all that. gotta start testing them though. next week, insha’Allah. i need more gelatin for the hectograph.

not sure if i’m going down to Bamenda this weekend. i do want my mail and a few things (PB, blender, books and to see a PCV or two), but Teacher’s Day is Friday and that means i’d have to travel Saturday and return on Sunday. no weekend here. short time there??? we’ll see...

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