Monday, September 8, 2008


one week left in september, subhan’Allah... “time slips away without warning, but freedom day will come...” all is well. a little frustrated because i JUST realized someone spoiled the sunflower i’d planted in my front yard. probably one of the kids or chickens???

what a fowl mood something like that can put you in! the thing is snapped at the base of the stem. hanging on to life by a fiber or 2. maybe it’ll live? how many xylem/phloem cell junctions does a plant need to survive? we go see...

like i said, all is well. i’m falling into a routine: sleep. exercise. eat. school. eat. sleep. work/read. eat. ...and plug prayer in there 5 times a day. can you say quotidian? mama will be here in less than a week. no routine then. and nothing is quotidian with mama around. God Bless her!


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  1. IMAGE: the neighborhood kids playing in my front yard... well, they're posing for the picture here, but they were playing before i pulled out the camera.

    those are my neighbor paul's corn plants in the background. just a couple rows for good measure. any little open space is fair game for agriculture!