Tuesday, September 9, 2008

NW. SW. US. peace.

well... i didn't take this book along to Yaounde with me. back in Wum. mama is here. we're both safe and sound. the Bamenda-Wum road was bad. muddy. very muddy. luckily, a friend helped us out with a ride. Yaounde was all right... same ol' same ol' when it comes to these meetings.

hmmm... what to say? i was hoping to not just babble this time. earlier, a thought or 2 – about being a volunteer, action vs. words, etc. – came to mind. now i'm not sure i want to go there. was just thinking about all the things i want to do, said i would do, thought about doing BUT didn't.

again, and appropriately enough, i won't go there. not tonight. i'm tired. i pray all is well with all of you. in the NW. in the SW. back in the US. peace.


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