Wednesday, September 17, 2008

nothing changes

look at the date. it’s still raining here in Wum. steadily. the road is still impassable except by 4X4s. things don’t change much around here. that should come as no surprise.

i’m alone. saw mama off at the airport yesterday evening. then i took a cab straight to the agency/park. overnight to Bamenda. arrived at 5am. got a seat (actually 2 seats) in a Land Rover going to Wum. we left around 7:30am. got to Wum by 10:30am.

i just slept for a few hours... right. not sure why i put ya’ll through all of that. sorry. all is well. happy and healthy. happy and healthy. nothing changes.


1 comment:

  1. LINK: you really should watch that youtube clip of the landrover... just skip past the 2 jeeps and see what the classic landrover can do on rough terrain.

    that's basically what the bamenda-wum road looked like, but muddy. there must've been like 6 of us packed into that car. steadily picking its way through the mud.

    it was incredible, really. if you're really interested in this, there are many more youtube clips of the "landy" can do.