Sunday, September 7, 2008

only 5 of us left writing...

OK... it’s just about past my bedtime, but i need my Peace & Freedom fix. i’m trying to keep myself disciplined... trying to fall into a routine here. ride these next 9 months out in style... right.

i mean that i’m trying to stay focused, keep busy, be productive AND, of course, stay happy and healthy as well. i’ll spare you the details of what all that entails. suffice it to say that – well, nothing... ain’t much to say. probably up to the same sh@$t ya’ll are up to or in. excuse my français! :)

did i tell you my mother is coming? yup, it’s official... she’ll land in Yaounde on Sept 30th. i’ll be there for the EE [environmental education] meeting anyway. she’ll be here for 3 weeks. won-du-full!!! no, seriously... it is. i’m glad she’s coming.

i'll let you know how it goes. but hopefully in someone else’s journal. i'm tired of writing in mine! there are only 5 of us left writing [kay, nat, traci, robert and mohamad]... did ya’ll know that? hmmm...


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