Sunday, July 27, 2008


in the staff-room at the TTC [my school, the Teacher Training College,]. this place (the room, that is) has been putting me to sleep. maybe it’s getting hotter. maybe i’m more tired... the fasting, the lack of sleep, the afternoon classes.

whatever it is, i’m feeling quite unproductive. have done almost no marking of the 300+ tests i have. partly unmotivated b/c i know the marks will count for NOTHING! [my subjects are not part of the core curriculum]. partly been procrastinating by keeping mama company.

anyhow... my mind done scatter. all over the place. letters home. letters to organizations and contacts for books. meetings with the Muslim students. guess it’s not that much when you put it on paper.

there’s more in my head, though, and the million other things that come up in reality (untimely visits, lazy afternoons, unmotivated mornings, etc. etc. etc.) that aren’t reflected on paper. but i’m being overly dramatic or kaslan [lazy]. i’ll end there.

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