Tuesday, July 22, 2008

shocking dream

OK... the other day i took an afternoon siesta. was tired from getting up too early for suhur [pre-dawn meal] and sleeping late after taraweeh [evening prayers].

it was Saturday afternoon. i had a bad dream. seemed like i was in the house here in Wum. mom was in the kitchen. cooking, i think. i was just outside in the living room trying to iron something.

for some reason, there was water on the floor. i knew that. still i reached for the outlet to plug the iron in. i was thinking to myself this isn’t such a good idea. but i went ahead. and it happened. i felt the buzzing in my head. even my body shook.

but my wits stayed with me. i tried to ground my feet to the floor to no avail. i wasn’t cursing or screaming but i can’t remember if i invoked God’s name. the dream ended as soon as the current seemed to stop running through my body and i realized, at the very least, i was alive.


  1. note: muslims usually frown upon sharing bad dreams with others. i hesitated with this one, but i think there's a lesson or two worth reflecting on.

    first, the power of mefloquine. the malaria prophylactic i was taking once a week. a side effect of which was vivid dreams.

    the other lesson is a little less vivid. what did the dream mean? what was the 'shock' that it foreshadowed? should i have been looking out for something?

    sweet dreams! :)


  2. always a lesson in dreams...

    some good tips from people i trust:

    -write them down!
    -give sadagha afterwrads (good or bad, but especially after a bad dream)
    -note what you ate and did the night before
    -bad dreams: i guess for some its best not to share, but sometimes others can help point out obvious things that we are not noticing ourselves!! otherise, sharem witha shaykh/ someone who can give you good insight instead of being affected by any negativity.

    sometimes, the meaning comes to us after years. i have a dream from 5-7 years ago that is only now becoming true. (yes i remembered it that long! but also wote it down somewhere.)

    happy dreaming~

  3. yes, so true... and i'm looking forward to realizing (6-7 years later) what that 'shocking dream' was all about as i read and reflect on the rest of my journal entries, insha'Allah.

    be whole
    mohamad :)

  4. i thought it was a premonition to your motorcycle accident. a potentially deadly situation, not a good idea to proceed, it happened anyway, you got hurt but survived. eh, i'm not good at this dream interpretaton stuff.

  5. very interesting, indeed... i think you're on to something! check this out. if you use that handy-dandy new topic/label display widget i just added and select the label 'accident,' 4 posts come up:

    -shocking dream
    -driving into a pole, explained...
    -driving into a pole
    -april fool: part 1

    the 'shocking dream' certainly reads like a mini-version (and a foreshadowing) of the motorcycle accident detailed in april fool #1.

    in fact, some of what i was thinking to myself before and after 'plugging the iron in' in my dream parallels my thinking pre/post the moto-accident.

    finally, it's fascinating how the themes of electricity, water on the ground and a motor vehicle accident (all of which appear in 'driving into a pole') link 'shocking dream' and 'april fool.'

    thanks for the insight, ellen! :)