Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Ramadan 1st

kul 3aam wanta bekhair [happy new year] and Ramadan mubarak [blessed Ramadan]! Day #1.

my runs are on the run. Thank God. still not 100% though. no complaints. looking forward to a healthy, blessed month, insha’Allah.

i bought a twig for 50cfa today. guy at the mosque assured me it was a miswak... r-i-g-h-t!

oh... and i was the late on 2 occasions today:
  1. Apollo, the plumber, came around at 2:30—no! 2:20—and i was just coming back from prayer. said i’d be in after 2pm. don’t know what he was in such a rush for???
  2. i was also late to the Bio Dept Social. at which we simply ate and watched a Nigerian flick. Chindong, the HOD [Head of Department], didn’t show until most everyone had left. ~7pm. i showed up about 5:45pm. was supposed to be there at 5pm.
what happened to polychronism??? anywho... not making anymore commitments this month... insha’Allah.

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