Thursday, July 24, 2008

the richest PCV

back in Wum now. mama and i just ate. fasooleeya b'zyat [green beans with olive oil] and tabouleh! sitting in the living room. i’m just about the richest PCV in Cameroon now. all consumer goods aside, i’m richer b/c mom is here. wa al-hamdulillah.

i pray there’s nothing but goodwill and love b/w the 2 of us this entire trip and beyond. gonna really miss her when she leaves. i just know. i’m already venting to her in so many ways. it’s great that we can talk about so much.

i’m also missing home a lot more with her around though. God I miss home. the family. the house. DC. will have to sit down and write a heartfelt letter out before she leaves. to her and the family. may God bless and keep them, insha’Allah.

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