Friday, July 11, 2008

praying for peace within


“Don’t force a journey.”
-written on the rear-bumper of a taxi here in Bamenda.


at the slum. pretty full. even Kristen came in from Mamfe. looks good and is doing well. we’ll be feasting today. THANKSGIVING! 1st... we have a meeting with our APCD about IST [In-Service Training]. 9am. PC Car will come pick us up.

i did maghrib/iftar/taraweeh [sunset/break-fast/night prayers] with a few Hausa shabab [young men] yesterday. that was nice. Muhammad from the mosque in Old Town Bamena. the one who translates Sheikh Muhsin’s Arabic into Hausa. well versed young man. there was also a young man whose folks live in Wum.

we ate at Hajja’s house. an older ma who takes care of them. we at so much, masha’Allah! Muhammad led us in taraweeh. even made a long du’aa [supplication] for witr [last prayer of the night]. the atmosphere was so comfortable for being around people i barely knew. so kind and hospitable.

good people here. makes Ramadan that much more blessed. makes me content. makes my heart a little less fleeting. Allahumma ij’al al-tama’neena wa as-sakeenah wa ar-raha fi qalbi [Lord, let there be peace, serenity and comfort within]... AMEN!

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  1. IMAGE: a bush-taxi mired in mud... talk about forcing a journey! this one was going back to wum from a neighboring village along the NW's ring road. luckily i wasn't in it, but walking. if you look close you'll notice a reed basket, strapped to the top of the van, that still has a live chicken in it!