Saturday, November 1, 2008

beautiful morning

...was a big moon over africa last night, as well. big and beautiful. but neither drove me to write home or write in here. i'm still in a bit of a letter-writing funk. been writing in here regularly, though.

it's Wed morning. Maggie and i rode out to Lake Wum. was a little worried about getting their late... for the sunrise and for some quiet time before people arrived. didn't miss either in the end. sun rose over the ridge around the Lake soon after we arrived. no one else was there. guess people don't go on weekdays.

beautiful morning. beautiful lake. good conversation with my new post-mate. about Cameroon. about home. heard the children singing the national anthem [MP3 audio] across the fields from the school there. that was nice.

anywho... spoke to the PTA president and HM of the Nursery School this morning. about how to approach painting the doors there. seems we'll have to discuss the matter at the next PTA meeting to find out for sure.

that's sometime next week. in the meantime, i'm going to do a little research and/or some campaigning to see if the parents will agreee to paint the doors themselves. even the SDO. we'll see what happens from there... if/when we get there, that is.

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