Wednesday, November 12, 2008


wicked sh%t happens here in Africa... was listening to that True Love, True Crime series on Network Africa/BBC this morning. can’t say all the entries aren’t a little melodramatic, even exaggerated. but still... the ones about rebel soldiers killing infants and chopping off people’s arms are all too real. and all too often corroborated by the news itself.

rebel soldiers in Sudan, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Nigeria, Congo, Ivory Coast... and the list goes on and on. just depends on the relative stability or instability of African nations at that particular time and no African nation seems immune. i’m sure all have suffered through these same stories of faction fighting, tribal warfare and general lawlessness.

what a mix in some of these countries... religions, tribes, races and, of course, political ideology (or power struggle to put it simply). that’s what it ends up being, but always under the guise or split along the lines of differences in people. people.

Tony Blair said that Africa is the scar on the conscience of the world. indeed... Africa has a lot of people to blame for its present situation. but will they fix it? can they fix it? my brain is not totally in gear here... need to stop...


  1. honestly, i was hoping to be able to coast through a few more posts (if not weeks!) before having to bring this up... the second question i raised in "an impact?" namely, what do i mean when i write about a place called "Africa?"

    but there it is... the very next post after "to make an impact." i'm writing about "Africa" again. if my brain wasn't in gear when i first wrote this, it isn't any better now...

    tomorrow, insha'Allah... tomorrow i'll say something about why making generalizations about an entire continent are so problematic.

    peace :\

  2. you know... i think i'm just gonna keep posting. i'll hold off on the analysis and deconstruction for now... there'll be other opportunities to do so. just not today.

    peace :)