Wednesday, October 8, 2008

life here in Wum

Sunday evening. still no work done... school work, that is. Mohamad’s got time management issues! ...i’m telling you.

anywho... Nat and Kerri left this morning. we went to Lake Wum. get there a bit late... people there. quite a few. trying to catch tadpoles, fish or something.

still nice there. not as serene, of course. plus the sun was up and the mist lifted... need to be there at like 6am, ideally. leave here before sunrise or right after fajr [sunrise prayer].

again, anywho... we had fool [fava beans], hummus and zaytoon [olives] for breakfast. then i saw them off. they took Patience. the lady at Vatican helped little and gave me no face. [both Patience and Vatican are “bush-taxis” – cameroon's public transportation – to bamenda].

we had our [community men’s group] meeting today. arabic classes starting again. mine on Wednesday evening, 7:30-8pm... won’t be easy! Buba is back, though. so i hope we get going again. i pray i get motivated, get moving.

you know... i think it takes not leaving post. will commit to the community meetings, classes and life here in Wum. go in to Bamenda for mail and banking... even some shopping, but back the same day or next morning.

i’ll just have to ask the crew [my stage-mates] to visit me up here. and i’ll do the same des temps en temps, insha’Allah.

again, i pray for motivation, confidence, peace/serenity/tranquility, guidance, patience, blessings/baraka, and faith... ameen ya Rabb [amen O Lord]!

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