Monday, October 13, 2008

Mass at St. Martin's

morning time at St. Martin’s Church... waiting for mass to begin. my 1st mass, really. but more so, i’m here on account of Peter and Christina getting married. i’m taking photos for them...

later that day

...took 2 films (50 cartes total) today. mostly at the church, but a few this afternoon/evening across the Nursery School where the wedding reception is still raging, if you will. i’m tired and i dare say that i’ve yet to do any work today. it’s 9:30pm. i’ll stay up until midnight to at least do a little marking [i.e. grading] of papers.

almost forgot... the visiting Cardinal Tumi, Archbishop of Douala, spoke about marriage today, appropriately enough. and condoms and AIDS, not surprisingly. marriage good. condoms bad. that was the message. even promised death to those who use them.

that line is no longer so astounding to me here. still misguided, in my opinion, and definitely misunderstood. i agree with what the Cardinal said about marriage. it is a big part of the answer. not the only answer, but neither are condoms.

the Cardinal said that marriage is about 5 things:
  • Love... two hearts, joined
  • Consent... “i do”
  • Unity... monogamy and fidelity
  • 4Life... “until death due us part”
  • Children... have them
...and that we outside of marriage, himself included, have no right to the beauty and goodness of intimate relations, i.e. sex... outside of marriage, an "abomination." inside marriage, holy. so i’m left pondering where condoms fit into that?

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