Saturday, October 4, 2008

gotta cut the hair

it’s almost 1am... at around 11:30pm i started cleaning and organizing my bookcase and trunk. you know, on account of the ton of stuff mama brought and i never arranged. i am a perfectionist and thus, after an hour and a ½, my room is still a mess.

it doesn’t look good for this weekend. in terms of accomplishing things. it’s market day tomorrow... but i can’t afford to go. need to wash clothes and clean the floor. plus all the other surfaces now in the living room and kitchen.

i may be getting visitors. natalie and kerri said they may trek over from Fundong. and i’m sure others will visit. as for me, i’d like to see Pa Wango down at SDO [senior divisional office(r)] junction. sorry he didn’t get a chance to meet mama... vice-versa, rather.

Kenneth and Adamu of people to see are also on my list, but i’m not sure i’ll get that far. and i can’t forget school work, of course! LORD!... time management and the weekend. makes you not look forward to them at all. the weekends, that is.

last note... been thinking 'bout shaving my head. hair and shower time are getting too long. as i was talking to the Imams near the mosque today these 2 ladies at the salon kept interrupting, asking me if i wanted to come in and do my hair! it was ridiculous, for two reasons:
  1. b/c i was talking to those 2 men - the imams - and the hairdressers were seriously interrupting our conversation.
  2. b/c they were being just a little facetious and i was totally not in the mood.

gotta cut the hair main... gott cut the hair.

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  1. IMAGE: me with long hair... beard needs a trim, too! :)