Sunday, October 5, 2008


Natalie and Kerri are here... we had a quaint dinner. showed them around Wum. they’re playing scrabble now. happy they’re here. Dr. Isaac came past, as well... i’ll get to that in a moment.

i cleaned. finished organizing my room, too. Muazu was my only other visitor but he came and left... didn’t even really come in. saw i was busy cleaning. Dr. Isaac, on the other hand, he came and didn’t leave.

he came with a friend, Brother Marion. walked in with sharp suits and carrying bibles... knew i was in for it then. can’t say i was angry, not even through the 2 and ½ hours we “talked” religion. surprised, yes... a bit. mainly b/c i couldn’t figure out why Dr. Isaac [who i know] came here like that. to proselytize.

not sure how i would've reacted if he wasn’t there. as it was, i was civil... even polite. especially to him. to Brother Marion i was blunt and curt at times, yet not impolite. i’m sure i frustrated him, but he did the same.

anyway... it has passed. i’m tired. need sleep. need to do some work! going to Lake Wum tomorrow morning. also have the MSU [muslim students’ union] meeting... God helep!

by the way, Dr. Isaac and Br. Marion’s “non-denomination” is Voice of God. William Branham is their Prophet of God... and the Pope is, more or less, the Anti-Christ. ashia for Catholics!

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