Tuesday, October 28, 2008

maggie is here!

Maggie [my new post-mate] is here! just got into Wum yesterday afternoon. i think it’s going to be good to have someone to talk to. to speak American English with... in front of Cameroonians who just don’t understand. like when friends or colleagues go "Bush" Pidgin on me! ;)

anywho... week spent at GPS [govt primary school] Wum was nice. like i said, satisfying feeling putting in a full day’s work. great seeing the children. REALLY want to teach at that level. but i’ve said that already.

funny that only now do the little kids around Wum know i’m a teacher. you can hear them whispering it to each other as i pass. and they tell their parents, who also seemed not to know exactly what i did in Wum...

OK... i’ll end with 3 or 4 cute kids at the primary school:
  • Petel (Saalifu)... i like that kid.
  • Rashidatu... adorable little Fulani girl i pass on the way back from GTTC in the afternoon.
  • Maaryatu... Rashidatu’s equally adorable older sister.
  • Yusufu... their brother. tall, thin, funny little boy.
may God keep them, insha'Allah.

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  1. IMAGE: maggie and a few of the neighborhood kids in my kitchen...

    sitting on maggie's lap (with the hat) is doukas. sitting on her lap (eating a mango), is mary-claire.

    kneeling next to them is patrick henry... he's always got that trouble-making look on his face! :)