Saturday, July 2, 2011

get things done

2 positive notes:

i'm in the kitchen again. mama came just in time b/c i was sick of the place. barely stepped foot in it while she was here. God bless her! now it's taken me a week to really step back in there. Ibrahim actually made the observation to me earlier today. he dropped in for zuhur [midday prayer] as the rain started to fall. yes, the rain fell. anyway, i'm not trying to spend all that much time in the kitchen. Ramadan is coming, insha'Allah. that'll help!

i'm also getting out and doing things again. out of bed. out of the house. go see that man. talk to that women. get that. buy that. don't just sit there. get up, get out and get things done. discipline. insha'Allah it'll continue. no excuses. get out there.

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