Saturday, July 23, 2011

two lessons...


Arthropods and Insects
Applied Science, Year 2 

Objectives: After observing, analyzing and discussing, by lesson end students will be able to...
  1. State the general characteristics of arthropods
  2. List all 4 classes of arthropods with examples
  3. State the general characteristics of insects, those they share and differ from other arthropods
  4. Draw and correctly label a grasshopper
  5. Discuss the diversity of insects and identify the characteristics that contribute to insect "success."


Introducing Environmental Education
Environmental Education, Year 1

Objectives: After discussing and evaluating, by lesson end students will be able to...
  1. Define the term environment in their own words
  2. Identify and describe any prior EE exposure they've had
  3. Explain why it is important that they study EE here at the GTTC
  4. Compare and contrast a formal definition of the term environment with their own
  5. Identify and explain the two main strands of EE
  6. Outline our Year 1 EE SOW [Scheme of Work]

both of the lessons above went well. went long, but well. i suppose the fact that students sat there and listened--no, even actively participated for 1 hour plus meant i was doing something right. right? right.

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    1. these are snippets of two lessons i gave on these days. each for a different grade level, in different topics. i taught applied science and environmental education to all 3 years (or grade levels) at the GTTC.

      beyond simply outlining the objectives to the lesson, my full lesson write-ups (we called them lesson notes) also include an outline of the lesson in full and discussion questions or an assignment. not to mention any teaching/learning aids used.

      needless to say, much of these items from my lesson notes aren't included in the post above. i just wanted to give a sense of what the lessons were about, and how both the peace corps and government teacher-training prepared us (and how we, in turn, prepared our students) to deliver lessons.