Friday, July 8, 2011

writer's block...

it's Sunday evening. haven't gotten much school work done. but i did read through that yale bulletin. their school of forestry and environmental studies. has some attractive programs. MS in Env Management, Science or Forestry... opportunities for dual degrees in management or int'l relations. the school sounds good. really good. but living in connecticut? i don't know. we go see... insha'Allah.

i need to write rama a letter. and to email OMZ. i'm trying to get through a little-big writer's block. right... what to say? i'm also procrastinating. got a couple exams to write. tests, actually.

we're in week 2 of GLOBE, and people are still interested. but we need to keep it growing/going. more stuff to do and stuff to do it with.

i made a comment about this journal getting beat up in my lumbar-pack... between my raincoat and my nalgene [bottle]. something about the dry season or Ramadan coming soon. so i'll stop carrying either or... or both. Ramadan is in a few days, insha'Allah. and, until today the rain had ceased. but it's been raining all afternoon. i'm sure my notebook can survive a few more days of bends and bruises.

"Place where pussy di chop Chrismas, rat no fit pass for dat side."
...this is Ibrahim's pidgin translation of a proverb from the BBC's Network Africa. it was aired in English, but i like the pidgin version much better.

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  1. honestly, i have no idea what that proverb could mean. if i used to, now i've forgotten. but i can loosely translate the pidgin back into english:

    "Where a cat is feasting [i.e. Christmas meal?], a mouse dares not pass."

    does anyone have a clue what the proverb might be? i wish i could remember the context or story behind it. on the BBC program, that is.

    "chop" in pidgin means eat, but it's also used for "chopping" or stealing money. corruption, even.

    that's all i can think of at the moment.