Wednesday, May 27, 2009

said seminar

good morning. in Wum. got in yesterday afternoon [from Babadjou via Bamenda]. off to run an errand or 2: post-office. market. SNEC [national water utility]. DDEDUC [divisional delegation for education]. hospital. the last 2 to do a little research on the 1st Aid Project.

tomorrow... Binjam [a small village not far from Wum] for the day with Ibrahim and Maggie. gotta find her today!

it's still raining. i'm eating. w/out Maggie, though... i think the rain held her up. today passed fine. spoke to Pa at the Delegation about the 1st Aid "seminar." that's what we're now calling it.

i'm trying not to let it get too big. small is beautiful (though i've yet to finish that book)... more tomorrow. about said seminar. Binjam also, insha'Allah.

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  1. IMAGE: a photo i took of maggie in binjam. we made it out there, though i can't remember when. ibrahim took us. we visited his sister's home.

    those little round houses/huts are remarkable. for both thermal regulation and how they hand the wind and rain.

    the tin roofs we lived under never quite kept strong winds at bay. and a hard rain pelting down on the metallic roof could deafen you.

    on the other hand, in these modest huts, you could barely hear or feel a strong rain outside. but they need to be well maintained.