Saturday, May 2, 2009



been a few days. still in and out of my head. up and down emotionally. but i won't go there b/c i'm not coming back.

i've said a lot... and perhaps changed a little. not thinking as much. but still thinking. accepting. drifting. yet not completely letting go... and i need to. enough.

remind me to write about the garden! Musa & Haider's.

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  1. IMAGE: musa and haider standing in their garden. great little spot across the river in kayes. they both have degrees in agriculture, i believe.

    the garden was an effort amongst 3 friends (the 3rd was an engineer who designed/built the irrigation system) to grow & sell vegetables.

    i think i may have only spent a day in the garden... but i have fond memories of weeding the beds and resting in the shade of the trees.

    salaam to musa & haider! :)