Friday, May 1, 2009

diamou relax


in Diamou [Western Mali]. beautiful place. particularly where i'm staying. great view of these prominent cliffs across the river. and it's a short stroll to the river. the Senegal. no lights. no water. very much a typical PC experience. not to take anything away from it, or this beautiful place.

it's quiet and peaceful here. i can see why PCVs enjoy coming down here from kayes to relax. i've spent just a few days there myself and i need to relax. lots of questions. some answered, more some raised. more closure? less doubt? or bitterness... anger? have i let go? i need to. i will.


  1. IMAGE: a picture of me, cooling off in Diamou. probably shortly after a swim in the senegal. technically, we weren't supposed to be swimming in fresh water. for medical reasons.

    i'll have more to say on the consequences of my dips in the senegal – relaxing as they were – later... back in Cameroon and the US.

  2. just realized i've already alluded to the consequences...