Saturday, May 2, 2009

'old school'

i was thinking about school earlier today... found reflecting on what i did & didn't like insightful. i chose to take classes i enjoyed. that was good. the reading was stimulating/interesting/relevant and, sometimes, the various fields of study overlapped or reinforced each other. that was great.

i did not like the deadlines. the large classes. the burdensome loads. i'd rather have the time/effort to focus on 3-4 courses, in depth/breadth. to discuss with a professor and/or colleagues on the various topics. to have an advisor guide me, personally, through my studies.

i want to enjoy learning... not rush through requirements. or courses i'm totally uninterested in, with no relevancy to me. i suppose i'm interested in a more traditional education... "old school," if you will. now i know. you live and learn.


  1. this is really interesting... for what it prefigures of my academic and intellectual trajectory since then:

    what i refer to as overlapped or reinforcing fields of study are moments of interdisciplinary insight in undergrad. i was a religion and biology major... and, yes, there is much overlap. including courses like "religion & science" and "man & nature."

    the rest of my musings on the pace, depth and breadth of learning as i like it probably explain why i'm starting a PhD program soon. though i doubt i've seen the last of deadlines, burdensome loads and courses of little relevance.

    Allah y3een = God helep = Divine succor!

    peace :)