Wednesday, March 18, 2009

no shame

also 5/11/2002:
yesterday... not less than an hour or so after eating fish pies and peppa [hot sauce] at school here, i had some serious issues with diarrhea. had to run out to that pit latrine out back twice in the middle of our staff meeting. shame o!

but who really cares?... that's one thing that's changed. when it comes to matters of fact (my digestive system, slips of the tongue or foot, and other previously embarrassing things) there's no shame in my game anymore.

so i left the meeting early. it was a joke anyway. started two hours late and an hour into it with ZERO accomplished. fortunately, i'd arranged for a moto-taxi home. unfortunately, i missed friday prayer that afternoon. and the mon-ee meeting in the evening.

drank a ton of zuhurrat [herbal tea]. boiled plantains and ate them with dates. things seem to be better now, insha'Allah.

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