Wednesday, December 17, 2008

mon-ee matters

“in africa there are no emergencies, only people in a hurry.”
a young, charming, well-spoken, intelligent, handsome doctor shared this proverb (and an anecdote or 2 from his personal/practical/medical experience to reinforce it) with Maggie and i this evening.

i’m tired... been tired. body needs rest. been up to a lot, physically. maybe to make up for not being so mentally.

joined MUDA [a local muslim men’s savings & loan group] today... spent 4,800 cfa on registration, savings and back fees. seems like a good idea. would have been/would be great with the ISA crew. remember how we spoke about it before i left home?... gotta write some of the guys about it.

funny how money is. doing business with people changes things. no nonsense. kinda strange. a little unnerving. only b/c of how i feel about money. but if all intentions are well, all is well. gotta talk with Adamu about that... mon-ee!

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