Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Eugene's EE lesson

5/17/2002 (convo #2):
2 conversations, one with Doucas and the other with Eugene...

OK, Eugene from Year 3 [one of my GTTC students], the one who did the EE poster on Lake Nyos, comes up to me today at school to tell me about how Evaluations went. Teaching Practice Evaluations, that is. turns out his EE lesson on the mosquito life cycle went very well. he and i discussed the topic last weekend.

Eugene is sharp. say things once and he's got them. confident, too. so turns out the evaluator asks him a few questions after the class and he's all over them. says it was the same questions we went over... how is the mosquito life cycle relevant to the students? how to ask questions that make them think, etc.

i saw him teach part 1 of the lesson. he's got his stuff down. says the evaluator was impressed. gave him high marks. and that even his Health Ed lesson went well. high marks. i shook his hand. congratulated him. told him to do well on the exam and that we'd like to see his name on the passing list next year. he said, "it will be there." i say insha'Allah!

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