Monday, March 30, 2009

the interpreters

finished reading The Interpreters [a critical study, preview] today. just now. good book. fine book. strangely, i find myself thinking "someone should make a movie out of this!" how the man [Wole Soyinka; a recent interview in MJ] wove it all together i still have not recovered from.

STRONG characters. and he puts words together in a way i didn't know one could. deep but not lofty. enigmatic but without loosing you. instead, they take you along. the pace is quick too... well past the beginning. i still cannot get over the characters. story is good. humor, drama and a great ending. powerful.

2 things... his characters and the thoughts he expresses / scenes described / pictures painted with words following each other in an uninterrupted stream that has you at once searching for the real meaning but not losing you, carrying you along. until the end.

and then... you're on your own. last word, "drowning." with water the predominant theme throughout:
  • rain: the opening, flooding Noah, various scenes are wet and Sekoni's death.
  • streams & rivers: Egbo's village, his secret spot, around church, along procession and Barabbas.

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