Wednesday, January 14, 2009

things to do in yaounde


check out how wide the lines are in this new book!

in Yaounde. at the volunteer house. left Wum for the reason stated on the 'permission slip.' met Mike in Bamenda and found out the meeting wasn't on, though. got his 2 notes out of chronological order.

down here anyway... a few things to do around the office. i'll list them below. then what? dunno??? people going North. i'm not. Douala? Limbe? Littoral? will find out. hoping kristen will come down. i think she said she would. we go see.

To Do in Yaounde
-talk to PCMO [Peace Corps Medical Officer]
-talk to Boniface [secondary project coord.] about EE proposals and nursery school PTA
-talk to CD [country director] about Morocco and a visit to Wum
-talk to APCD [associate peace corps director] about Morroco and 1/4-ly report
-write lesson plan for EE newsletter
-research on PC Morocco programs (environment & youth?)
-change home address

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  1. IMAGE: another permission slip to leave Wum from the GTTC administration... this time to attend a conference that eventually wasn't held. i would've left Wum at some point (for Douala or Limbe, at least) for spring/semester break.