Thursday, January 8, 2009

last page, second book

wow... last page. second book. the 2nd term holidays are rolling in. more quickly for me as i need to reach Yaounde the day after TOMORROW! Maggie brought that news back with her today. Mike had sent word as well. gotta leave for Bamenda like tomorrow afternoon. gotta leave for Yaounde morning after.

of course there's a lot to do. laundry. packing. locking up. closing shop. at school. with meetings. in the house. feel like i'm just gonna slip out of town. not coming back fro a couple weeks. big bag. "ai go be loss for people eye for sure, ai shwear!" [pidgin for, "people are going to notice my absence, i'm sure"].

pray all goes well. mind is racing. i'm tired. don't like to travel. don't like not liking coming back here. do i need a vacation? i need work. until tomorrow... IN A NEW BOOK!

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