Wednesday, January 21, 2009

ni Allah sonama

ni Allah sonama = Insha'Allah = God Willing = si Dieu d'accord

this is the title to a song [the 1st phrase above] by Tata Pound, a Malian hip hop group. heard these guys on BBC this morning. comes on loud and clear here in Yaounde. on FM! 98.3... good stuff.

went running this morning. to Omnisport Stadium
. not in it though. just around. met a guy who was running the general area. Christian Karambu... isn't that the french defender's name?

anywho... good run. he really pushed me. going to do email now. see the doc. eat. Ibrahim is taking me to his places around noon.


went to Ibrahim's with Ibrahima [2 peace corps staff], in the afternoon. met the fam. wife and two little kids. cute and comfortable home. we ate. drank tea. talked about work. prayed maghrib [sunset] at the mosque. chill dude. good guy, ibrahim. real good. him and ibrahima.

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