Tuesday, January 27, 2009


finally wrote that EE lesson plan. and finally left Yaounde. paid 9,000 cfa for my stay at the volunteer house. in Douala now. at Arona's. with Leah and Sandy. Arona is home in Gambia. wish he was here. all is good. prayed fajr [sunrise] at the mosque across the street. we're going out now. i'll be back...

...it's afternoon now. back at Arona's. bouth some stuff from the Lebanese grocer in town. did some email. walked around the market. at ice-cream at LGM. Leah was saying something about either loving or hating douala. for me... even with the heat, smells, dirt, and congestion... i like this place. it's the city feel. i miss the city.

i like the energy here. the variety of people. all doing their own thing. sooo many muslims. mostly West African. wonder how a West Afican city would be like??? wonder how it would be if i lived across the street from a mosque, in a town full of arabic speaking africans and in a place this big. wonder if i'd get lost?...

anyway... i'm fighting off what feels like an ear infection. don't know about swimming.

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