Wednesday, August 18, 2010

teaching lows


Scientific Method
Year 3 AppSci

Objectives: By lesson end, students will be able to...
  1. State the 5 steps of the scientific method
  2. Formulate an example study that follows the scientific method
  3. Evaluate the importance of the scientific method to scientific authority and our understanding of the world (this is vague?!)


Biotic Interactions and Relationships
Year 2 EE

Objectives: by lesson end, students will be able to...


...right. well, these 2 lessons didn't exactly go well. can't say they flopped, but they were less than stellar. to say the least! esp. the scientific method. need to work on that before 3B [the other half of Year 3] on Wed.

the Year 2 lesson above wasn't too bad. we had a good discussion. increasingly so in that class. could've streamlined the process. blackboard work, in particular. i want to move away from simply writing notes up there, but still... an organized blackboard = organized notebooks. and they need help on that, esp. with less dictation.

on my part, i need help on time management. entered both classes late. left late (no teachers around!). it's probably – no, for certain – a product of poor planning. need to outline the lesson "in advance..."

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