Sunday, August 1, 2010

provincial ecology...


10/1/2002: EE To Do

Provincial Ecology: by next meeting in Jan/Feb
(NW/W and SW/L Provinces with Eli)
-Ecological zones
-Flora & Fauna
-National Parks
-Conservation issues
-Cash Crops

GLOBE letter: by 10/2/2002
-testimonial to my [educ.] APCD
-ask agro APCD about teacher packets
-BBC Focus on Africa July/Aug/Sept, with Eli

EE Photos: also 10/2/2002
-Christmas Card (Mt. Oku)
-"On the Street" article with Tara
-Koko resources, copy for List and me
-EE mission on CD?

...things moved much smoother/faster today with EE. the notes above have to dos for our next meeting and for tomorrow. gonna get to a few of the items in the office early AM tomorrow, insha'Allah.

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  1. IMAGE: a poor scan of a draft of my SW and Littoral provinces ecological fact-sheet. i recall this process in yaounde being both a little frustrating (mostly for want of resources) and fun... b/c i felt like i was finally doing some environmental-related research and writing. not simply teaching primary school material.

    i look back now and realize what more flexibility and resourcefulness on my part could have meant for making the kind of teaching situation i found myself much more environmental focused and active. i think i started to have glimpses of that in my 2nd year here. particularly as school started falling apart and my confidence as an educator rose.

    more to come, insha'Allah...