Friday, November 6, 2009

you're the PCV!

look, listen, speak and do... you pick the order, you're the PCV!

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  1. you know... i'm not sure what i was referring to with this entry. i'm obviously addressing myself. but what event, if any, precipitated the advice to "look, listen, speak and do," i'm not sure.

    i am glad that listening is part of the advice. in fact, i did a lot of that. perhaps there's some guilt here on not speaking out and doing more, on my part. that could be where the emphatic "you're the PCV!" reminder comes in.

    "what is a good PCV? am i one? what does a good PCV do? and am i doing it?" are all questions i and i'm sure other PCVs often asked ourselves. especially in the context of the quarterly reporting i mention in the previous post.

    so what is a "good PCV"? what is it he or she does? is there just one kind? are any of these notions even helpful? i don't think so... i won't go into much more detail, but i'm glad this theme has surfaced. i'll explore it as it unfolds.