Saturday, November 7, 2009

relief - release - soaking

early morning hours here at chez Tucker... you will not believe what happened at a 1/4 past midnight earlier this morning:

i woke up to an all too visceral sensation of relief and release. warmth, too. yup... i woke up peeing. on Tucker's spare mattress! sheets and all.

won-duh-ful won-das!

and it wasn't just a tinkle... not just shorts and PJ-soaking, but all down the leg and sheets and through the mattress to the other side!

O Lord... how we are tested.

i got up and changed. the sheet and my clothes are soaking [in soap & water]. waiting for Sarah F. and Tucker to wake up so i can wash the sheets. they're getting up right now, actually.

what to do with the mattress??? hmmm... i think some soaping & soaking on both sides will do.

... hot to explain this one?

and i've got 1/2 an hour to do all this b/c my APCD leaves for Dschang by 7am.

1 comment:

  1. most embarrassing... yes, i know. but it's true. and i'm actually quite proud of how i handled myself and the situation.

    you'll be happy to know that everything was clean and dry by the time i came back from dschang by day's end.

    so nothing too worse for the wear... except maybe my ego. but it's good to have that put in check every now and again.

    in my defense, and i didn't mention this in the post, is that i was actually dreaming of peeing when i suddenly woke up and realized i was.

    vivid dreams are a side-effect of the malaria prophylactic i was on, mefloquine or larium. that said, i haven't heard of any others on mefloquine having vivid peeing dreams!

    peace :)