Friday, December 12, 2008

bugs awake, clouds forming

fresh, cool breeze blowing through Wum this late afternoon and early evening. and just last week i was thinking this place would soon turn into a desert. it’s humid now.

bugs and frogs awake at night. clouds forming in the sky. rain at Benakuma. must not be too far off here.

it’s getting hard to drink my necessary 5 or 6 cups of tea per day. humidity and all... can’t keep my shirt on, either. kinda like it though... feels like Africa [see comments]. the tropics.

Muaza says it won’t last. the heat, that is. rainy season can bring cold winds during the storms. like Santa, i guess... just not that cold.

all right... PEACE MUHAMMADU!

1 comment:

  1. just some notes/thoughts:

    -Benakuma is a small-small town not too far from Wum... if it rained there, then rain must be close.

    -what is 'Africa' supposed to feel like? the tropics? follow the link to more comments on stereotyping Africa.

    -Santa is the town in the highlands of the NWP, not far from Babadjou, where we were trained as math/science teachers. it's cold up there.

    -finally, you'll note that i signed off as 'muhammadu' in this post. interesting.