Tuesday, December 9, 2008

bamenda and back


...well, was to and from Bamenda today. tired now... mostly b/c it’s late. Isma was too cute the entire time. too dirty as well. but i think i ended up being dirtier by the time i got back here this evening.

got to the bank. sent some letters. was unable to find an envelope to send that audio cassette i made. did send Isma and Das off. but didn’t do email. got mail from BP 5033. talked to the fam... got a few things from Vatican [imported goods supermarket]. got here safely... coming home is nice now.

wished Arouna and Dairou [two muslim friends in douala and yaounde] bonne fette by phone. tomorrow is eid al-adha! [feast of the sacrifice]... didn’t get to email. next time. spending eid in Ukpwa. gonna chop [eat] meat! Maggie is coming, too.

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  1. IMAGE: a permission slip from the vice-principal at my school, GTTC Wum, to leave for bamenda for the day... reasons clearly stated.

    this was a formality... not always strictly adhered to. in fact, i don't think anyone from the school or Peace Corps really monitored these.

    but since my travel would be conspicuously obvious (weekday, with friends, before the holiday, etc.), it was worth getting permission formally.