Sunday, November 20, 2011

water cycle

Water Cycle (Hydrologic Cycle)
  • What are the 3 phases (states of matter) of "H20"?
    • Liquid = Water
    • Solid = Ice
    • Gas = Vapor

  • How does H20 changes from one to the other?
    • Freezing
    • Evaporation
    • Condensation
    • Melting
"The water cycle involves the alternating of H20 between these 3 states through the processes of evaporation, condensation and melting as H20 passes between oceans, air and land."

Random ordered outline activity! First student do to it right wins a prize!

Group Work (~4 groups)
-each group has H20 cycle diagram
-answer the 3Qs, in their books and present them:
  1. Outline/diagram the H20 cycle
  2. Identify the biotic and abiotic factors involved
  3. How do humans impact this cycle? At which steps? In which ways?

H.W. How might a molecule of H20 that was once in the ocean be part of the meat you eat?


this lesson above was OK. but most students are still confused about #3, human impact on the water cycle. specifically, why/how things like deforestation and pollution affect the cycle. we'll go over that by next week, insha'Allah.

just came back from a moonlight stroll with Maggie. moon almost full. 14th of Ramadan. eve of the 15th. first "dry" [non-rainy] moon in months. since Mali even. speaking of since Mali... PCMO [PC medical officer] called earlier. i tested schisto positive. looks like that trip to Yaounde will be a must. treatment should be simple, insha'Allah.

in other news... teaching practice is on. full days. especially with Ramadan. GPS Group II. GTTC. back and forth. watching students struggle. lesson upon lesson. over-talking. they're not listening. they're not getting it. our teachers not showing up. am i the only one marking lesson notes? 4-6pm daily. little time to rest. no time to cook.

why don't we have more teachers assigned to the school? they're idle. why can't things be more organized? why can't teachers be responsible and professional... let alone organized, effective, productive leaders. is there never a plan of action? a pre-meeting. are we all on the same page? never.

am i going to tell Auntie what her problem is? what our administration's problems are? and the school's? is that my problem? will they listen? do they care? let me stop.

i need to write about some conversations i've had with the shabab [guys; i'm referring to my young muslim male friends in wum]. Bubas and Yusufu. on topics like...
  • ideas of Islamic vs. "secular" education
  • ours being a tradition of knowledge
that's it really.

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