Saturday, May 28, 2011

overnight from Yaounde, short and semi-sweet

it's still raining in Wum. steadily. road still bad in 2 or 3 spots. not passable sans 4x4. overnight from Yaounde was short and semi-sweet.

got to the parc [bus station] in Obili right after seeing moms off. she called, by the way... shopping in Paris! God bless her.

i made it to Bamenda by 5am. got in the same Land Rover we took to Bamenda on Saturday (again, with Mr. Nshu) and left by 7:30am. 3 hour journey.

i was spent by the time we reached Wum. still... it was the most direct route, ~12 hours between Yaounde and Wum. not bad. achy bones. sleepy head. patience wasn't tried. so all is well.

it cannot get any greener along that [Bamenda-Wum] road. beautiful scenery. Maggie and i are talking about that trek from Nkambe. in 2 weeks? 13 days until Ramadan. subhan Allah.

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