Thursday, January 31, 2008

not to worry...

so i just posted four seemingly uneventful days in a row of journal entries (june 4-7, 2001), and you may be thinking, "is he going to post every single boring day he put down in his journal???" not to worry... i won't.

staging and the first few days in-country are an anxious time for peace corps trainees. i'm just trying to capture the feeling of everything being new and uncertain. and, interestingly enough, a lot of these early entries foreshadow events that occur further along in my service, in ways that even surprised me when i re-read them.

e.g. my APCD's comment about knowing "exactly where to place me" is a dead giveaway for my future post. something that's shrouded in mystery for the first couple months of training. if i would've known anything about the towns in the NW and SW provinces, or simply even asked, then my destination would've been more-or-less obvious.


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