Thursday, January 31, 2008

big moon over africa

lying in bed in room 202 at the Hotel Mfandena in Yaounde. moon’s about full out. beautiful night. gawked the entire drive over from the airport. at the people, places and plants. bananas, mangoes, and corn to name a few.

the flights from NY to Paris and Paris to Douala/Yaounde were exhausting. threw my sense of time and sleep off. my neck and back... feet, too... ache. not really ever that anxious or excited, however. still taking it all in stride. can’t wait to be sitting outside a simply furnished little house in my village reading or talking to a neighbor... to a slow pace of life.

PC folks picked us up at the airport... about ½ dozen cars/buses/trucks. some cameroonians and some americans. ate dinner at a restaurant adjacent to the PC office here in yaounde. i’ve already made 2 connections b/w PC people here and folks back home. i’ve seen both back in the DC area. small world. OK... i’m going to try and rest. it’s ~10:45pm. tomorrow starts at 7am.

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