Sunday, December 23, 2007


my friend muhammadu owns the bike i fell off of. but he's a student. an older one, of course. kadze, the dare-devil, operates the bike (an intra-town taxi) during the day. muhammadu pays kadze to do this. one problem, kadze is under-age and without a proper license to drive.

that's why muhammadu's bike was confiscated. well, that's the technicality. the real reason is that muhammadu was vulnerable and defenseless against the authority figures. whether or not his driver had a license. although that is, in an of itself, an issue of right/wrong.

why was muhammadu struggling over the decision to sell his bike? i think the bike represented his way out of school. a way to make a living without having to study. i was telling him he had to study. or do both. but, at the very least, not let the bike get in the way of his studies.

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