Wednesday, August 26, 2009

FONCHAM Paul Babila

This will be a personal letter of recommendation. That is, predominantly, the nature of my relationship with Paul. We are counterparts at the local government teacher training college, but what I have come to know about Paul as a person, much more than just a professional, is what impresses me most.

Having said that, I feel obliged to note that Paul is by no means an unimpressive professional. He is a diligent, creative and experienced teacher. Both his current position and past experience attest to that. Paul is, by far, one of the most dynamic teachers at our school and an asset to our institution.

What I would like to attest to, however, are the personal qualities and values that set Paul apart. The important imperceptibles that only a next-door neighbor or close friend can perceive. I am both Paul's neighbor and his friend.

Paul is a man of honesty and integrity...

Paul possesses a strong sense of family and community...

Paul has the complement of foresight and work-ethic to plan and achieve...

Paul is committed to these values on all levels. Individually, he is committed to bettering himself and his situation by no other means than honesty and integrity. He is committed to contributing to the well-being and support of his family; no matter how distant the relation or significant the contribution.

This sense of duty then extends directly into his commitment to community. Paul has never, in all our discussions of future plans for self or family, expressed any desire other than to live and work here in Northwest Cameroon, in his place and with his people. He wants the best for himself and his family, but that cannot mean loss of a sense of self or identity.

That is what impresses me most about Paul; his values and commitments to them. What I hope a visit to the United States will do is impress Paul with the values we are committed to, allowing him to take back those he deems fit and incorporate them into his own. These will no doubt be transferred to some of his family, friends, colleagues or students and, I hope, translate into ever more committed individuals such as himself.

got this letter and Paul's biodata form out to the CD. seems they've already begun deliberating on candidates. hope it's not too late!

oh... my APCD thinks the CD will pay us a visit here [in the Northwest] to the posts along the ring road.


  1. i miss having paul as a neighbor and colleague. we used to hang out on the front porch together for hours. sometimes talking or sharing a meal. sometimes just sitting there staring out onto the road and watching the people pass.

    we'd also walk home to/from teaching and school functions together. i'm not sure what i would've done without his insight into teaching and cameroonian cluture. not to mention life, in general. an older brother in that regard.

    i can't remember what US visit program this was that i nominated paul for, but he didn't end up making it. my letter of recommendation wasn't that stellar. there' so much more to say about paul!

    paul and i are still in touch via email, but that isn't enough. his family is growing and he's gradually being promoted within the ministry of education. couldn't be happier for him in that regard.


  2. here's that US visit program i was nominating Paul for, the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP):