Tuesday, July 14, 2009

life is beautiful


Quotes from Small is Beautiful [by E.F. Schumacher]:
"I think the stupid man who says 'something is better than nothing' is much more intelligent than the clever chap who will not touch anything unless it is optimal." p. 231
"Much will be expected of the man to whom much has been given. More will be asked of him because he was entrusted with more (St. Luke)." p.220

will be mama's birthday soon. sent her a postcard + birthday card already. according to rama [my sister], mama will be in turkey come the 17th of august. so i won't be able to talk to her on her birthday... c'est dommage!

i'll write her a letter then. it'll be this saturday. i'll be in ukpwa, insha'Allah. musnt' forget. also shouldn't forget to get more film! gotta go-come from Bamenda this friday. need 150,000cfa from the bank. 50K for me. 100k for my friend's big purchase (a motorcycle).

and the rain keeps falling... in buckets. they're all over the kitchen, living room and bedroom. the roof leaks in a 1/2 dozen odd places. but all is well. life is beautiful.

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