Monday, June 29, 2009

cycle of adjustment

  1. Intro & "Disclaimer"
  2. Goals & Objectives
  3. Processing (anecdotes, experiences, stories)
  4. the Cycle of Adjustment...
  5. Coping Strategies
  6. Q & A
...had this [training] session at Ma Flo's in Santa, like last year. much the same format. presented the cycle, quotes, personal anecdotes, etc. it went well. PCTs [peace corps trainees] vented, asked questions, listened. nice. glad we did it.

i listened to fellow PCVs talk about going home and got lost in my head. thinking, with what i have to admit was some regret and doubt, "why didn't i go home?" all is well, though... i'll get back there soon enough, insha'Allah.

i just want to say that i miss home. i miss family. that's OK to think/say, no? i hope so.

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  1. here's the general outline for the "cycle of adjustment." follow the link above to the "culture matters" website for more.

    1. Honeymoon
    2. Initial Culture Shock
    3. Initial Adjustment
    4. Further Culture Shock
    5. Further Adjustment

    it's simple, adjustment happens in stages... but it's also an empowering concept when you're trying to make sense of your struggles over the course of your time abroad.

    it goes without saying that this applies to much more than peace corps service. so many of our other "journeys" in life seem to follow the same steps and stages.

    peace :)